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Petit Early Learning Journey’s Monthly Newsletter March 2022

Alison's update Chief Operating Officer Hello and welcome to our new-look March family newsletter. In our January newsletter, we highlighted a noticeable shift in our November family survey from a focus on staffing to our learning program. While the retention and engagement of our team remains a priority, in response to this outcome we have [...]

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The Power of Words: Using Professional Language in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Words wield an enormous amount of power. Whether written or spoken, the power of words can detract, humble, honour, encourage and empower. Using professional language in early childhood education and care (ECEC) is a choice to support and respect our ECEC sector and its Educators. Over the last several months, Petit Early Learning Journey has [...]

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The Difference Between Kindergarten and Preschool in Australia

Parents often wonder what the difference between kindergarten and preschool is. The answer to this question largely depends on where you live. Different states in Australia have various early childhood learning programs. Some are run through schools, while long day care providers run others. In Australia, kindergarten and preschool are the same thing just called [...]

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33 Nature Play Ideas: A Guide For Parents

Nature play is a simple, fun and extraordinary life experience for children. Do you recall the days when you would freely explore the outdoors? For many children, nothing is more enjoyable than getting messy and playing in nature. However, our urban neighbourhoods have become incredibly built up over the years, with nature strips and backyards [...]

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