Early childhood professionals at Petit Early Learning Journey are genuinely passionate and interested in contemporary pedagogy. Our teams all draw from a wide range of qualifications and experiences to provide a collaborative and shared approach to how they teach. 

Life at Petit Early Learning Journey

It is time to join a company that is big enough to satisfy your career goals, and small enough for your ideas to be heard. As a member of the Petit ELJ community, you are encouraged to explore your creativity with our play-based learning curriculum. You will get a unique opportunity to let your imagination run wild as you spend your day developing the minds of the future.

We like to challenge conventions and encourage original thinking and innovation from our employees. We also place a great deal of importance in investing in professional development to help us deliver the very best experience for our employees, families and children.

Most importantly our Centres are run by passionate leaders who work tirelessly to ensure we have the most amazing, fun and collaborative cultures. This is what is truly unique about working for Petit ELJ.

In our recent Team Survey our Petit team have said some the best thing about working for Petit ELJ are:

  • Being able to support and feel appreciated.
  • There are flexible working arrangements, programming and Ed leader are covered.
  • The progress we make day-by-day with children.
  • Flexible work arrangements especially for staff with families.
  • Working as a team.
  • We are currently looking up our environment as the 3rd teacher, creating spaces as an extension of home
  • We are growing as a centre internally and externally.
  • Constantly engaging with the communities surrounding us.
  • Constant communications on how we are doing.
  • My manager has always cared and looked after whenever I needed – whether it was a professional or personal matter.
  • I speak to my friends in other childcares with pride as what I go through day to day at Petit ELJ is always something that I can boast about.
  • We have great room routines and frequent excursions.
  • I feel supported in all aspects of work and feel motivated to work hard for them.
  • Programming and planning are getting the time it should be given to foster great learning.
  • We have exceptional communication between management and staff. Great partnerships with families and community.
  • Petit has the best work culture and is a happy, safe and fun place for children.