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A Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

What does an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) do every day? At Petit Early Learning Journey, our valued ECTs do more than play and teach young children. While they do vital work with children, often in their final year before schooling, ECTs also play an integral leadership role. At Petit ELJ, our ECTs are allocated non [...]

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How Intentional Teaching Builds On Your Child’s Strengths

Intentional teaching is a term you may have heard regarding your child’s early childhood educational program. Sometimes, people confuse it with teaching by repetition, but that’s a misconception. The EYLF describes it as Educators being purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions. When an Educator uses intentional teaching practices, they’re taking an active role [...]

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Baby Bath Toys: The Good and Bad News About Mould

Baby bath toys, those things that go squeak in the tub, may not be such a good idea for children. Blame it all on mould. Is this the end for squeezing bath toys? What are we to do if rubber ducky isn't "the one" after all. Young toddlers and preschoolers love to play in the [...]

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