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Our Values

From our strong values and modest roots, Petit has grown to include 17 centres in Australia — soon to be 18.

Through our growth and transformation, we have remained true to our values.

It’s what keeps us focused and ensures we always — always — put your child first.

Core principles

The core values of Petit Early Learning Journey are weaved into every part of our day.

We stay true to our principles by offering:

  • A safe, respectful and compassionate environment
  • Support for each child’s social, emotional and cognitive development
  • An atmosphere that awakens the love of learning
  • A sense of wonder and uplifting of the spirit of the human imagination
  • A holistic approach including a connection of mind, body and spirit
  • Hope and wonder through an understanding and respect for the natural environment
  • A place where educators, children, families and parents work together
  • Heartfelt commitment to integrity and a deep caring for every child
  • Respect and value for individual differences and cultural diversity

These values are integrated into our high quality educational programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and play-based curriculum.

Living out our values

We don’t just believe in having strong values, we believe in living them out in every interaction.

For this reason, we are proud to:

Follow a holistic and individualised approach to learningSupport the discovery of each child’s unique personality
Ensure learning is integrated and interconnectedRecognise and value each child
Cultivate a child’s self-awareness of their body, feelings, thoughts and attitudesEndorse sustainable practices
Communicate in ways that promote a sense of belonging and assuranceProvide naturalistic playscapes for discovery and connection with nature
Promote an environment that supports and fosters multicultural differencesEncourage parental input and feedback

Our educator approach

Petit Early Learning Journey is a progressive, educational, inspiring long day care service focused on the holistic learning and development of children.

Children want to feel they are loved, important and unique.

At Petit our passionate educators recognise the responsibility we have in helping little minds grow and learn.

Creative thought and school readiness is inspired and encouraged by our centres programming, enthralling class environments and interactive play-scapes.

We foster learning environments that are enchanting and inviting for each child and their family.

Involving families

We know that parents and families play a huge role in how well we can care for your child.

We are always open to your feedback and especially your input on how we can educate and care for your child better.

As a parent, you are always welcome to come to the centre during the day or for special events.

We look forward to sharing this joyous journey with you and your family.

Gift your child with the love of learning.

Enrol your child into a holistic early learning journey that guides your child’s development and keeps you connected every step of the way.

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