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Help Your Child to Ride Without Training Wheels

Imagine waking up to a brand new bike covered in shiny paper. It’s a child’s dream to learn to ride without training wheels. Cycling Australia says more than 1.9 million children ride a bike every week. It’s a super fun way to exercise and play outdoors. It’s even more fun when you can pedal without extra [...]

2018-12-22T04:09:31+10:00December 26th, 2018|Articles|

The Latest High Tech Toys That Teach Your Child

Children benefit from simple, everyday activities such as playing dress up, reading and even blowing bubbles. To supplement these activities, educational toys can play an important part in your child’s development. Our world is changing. Your child is likely to be exposed to more technology in their first five years than your parents experienced throughout [...]

2018-12-21T02:33:39+10:00December 24th, 2018|Articles|

Our Culture: How We Promote Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is an important part of our health as we get older. Learned during the early years of childhood, it is likely to boost the quality of life in later years. Our interest in physical literacy will help children develop an effective lifelong learning approach. Research confirms that physical activity impacts mental health in older [...]

2019-06-09T13:02:26+10:00December 21st, 2018|Articles, Culture|

Practices to Teach Your Child Emotional Awareness

Nurturing emotional intelligence in your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them as it can have positive and long-lasting effects. Providing a safe place for them to explore, express and develop their emotional intelligence will help them manage their feelings and grow into resilient, confident and emotionally healthy adults. Here are [...]

2018-12-19T04:25:41+10:00December 19th, 2018|Articles|
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