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Benefits of Working with Us

At Petit Early Learning Journey, we work hard to make sure we attract and retain the very best early childhood educators, teachers, leaders and support team members who all share our commitment to the little lives we’re entrusted with each day. That’s why we offer some of the best child care centre jobs in the industry.

Workplace flexibility

Creating a workplace where contented and motivated people want to come to work is one of our top priorities. We understand everyone has their own individual demands beyond the workplace and we’re happy to discuss where, when and how we all work together. We therefore offer flexible working policies and employment structures with full-time, part-time or casual early learning opportunities.

Staff child care discounts

Many of us at Petit have families, or are planning to have children, so we also offer generous employee child care discounts. As an example, as an Educator with two children in fulltime care you could enjoy savings of up to $13,500 in fees before CCS while working with us at Petit.

Reward and recognition

Having fulfilled and happy employees with access to the latest resources, infrastructure, training courses and programs is also a strong focus at Petit. But we also acknowledge, reward and support our team in a range of ways, whether it’s with a thank you card, vouchers, team dinner, recognition of loyal service or peer recognition awards.

Employee referral program

We also offer a generous employee referral incentive. If you successfully refer a new employee to us for a full-time or part-time role, you will be eligible for a bonus of up to $375.

Structured professional development programs

Working with Petit is a rewarding, inspiring and challenging experience where each member of our team is treated with the same care and respect shown to the wonderful children at our centres. We will give you the opportunity to progress into a variety of roles within our centres. With clearly structured professional development programs and a supportive team, we will encourage you to grow your career with Petit 

If you’d like to work with and learn from some of Australia’s most passionate and experienced early childhood Educators in a company committed to inspiring children in their unique potential for learning every day, please search our current opportunities (this is a link to the career opportunities page).

In your first twelve (12) months with us, you will be provided with a minimum of:

  • An Educational Program Induction
  • “Safe Sleep” Training
  • “Communication and Team Building” Training
  • “Being an Observational Educator” Training
  • “Introduction to Behaviour Management” Training
  • “Child Behaviour Management Level 1” Training
  • “Child Safety and Protection – Introduction” Training

Additional employee benefits

We’re proud to reward the hard work of our educators and team members with a range of additional benefits such as:

  • Competitive pay
  • Ongoing learning and development
  • Financial support furthering your qualifications
  • First Aid Training 
  • Child Protection Training
  • Peerless Gel Training
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate (Chef and Centre Director)
  • Safe Sleep Training
  • Shilus Training Modules
    • “Communication and Team Building” Training
    • “Being an Observational Educator” Training
    • “Introduction to Behaviour Management” Training
    • “Child Behaviour Management Level 1” Training
  • Access to our employee assistance program should it be required

“It’s awesome to know that people in leadership are thinking of you and want to see you develop your skills.”
Hailey McIntosh, Petit Early Childhood Teacher 

“I’ve learnt so much over the last couple of years at Petit. “I’m really happy here, and I can see many opportunities to grow and develop.”
Kirsty Haden, Petit Lead Educator 

“Petit provides more training for staff than other childcare centres. If you put forward a request, they’ll bring someone out to run the training and get everyone at the centre involved.”
Rebecca Patten, Petit Assistant Director

“The support we receive from management and head office is second to none including great professional development opportunities. These include early childhood education expert Kelly Goodsir running inspiring workshops throughout the year.”
Kate Young, Petit Centre Director

Career Opportunities