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Petit Hamilton’s Centre Director Shares Her Passion for Child Care

Kate, Centre Director of Petit Early Learning Journey Hamilton, believes child care should provide a home-like environment to support both children and their parents. “I was motivated to work in the early childhood sector after having my own children. As a Mum, you want the best for your children. I wanted to provide that same [...]

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7 Fun Science Projects for Toddlers

Science experiments are a fun way to keep curious minds engaged. These cool, hands-on science projects are easy to prepare and will keep your toddler entertained while learning along the way. For some experiments, you may need to shop for ingredients, while for others you’re sure to have everything you need at home. A little [...]

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Baby Crying Sounds – What Do Different Cries Mean?

Babies make lots of different noises, from giggles to grunts to baby babble. Most of the time, they’re happily engrossed in their new world. However, when a need arises, they have to let you know, and crying always gets your attention. Knowing baby crying sounds means you can soothe them more quickly. New families can [...]

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Petit Introduces Bilingual Approach to Early Learning Programs

Introducing your young child to a second language can help them develop linguistically, cognitively, academically and socially. Recognising this, Petit Early Learning Journey Barton has introduced a bilingual program that teaches French to young children from 15 months through to toddlers and pre-school. Head leader Helena explains why the centre decided on French. “A lot of [...]

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Speak Your Words: Toddler Speech Development Therapy, Exercises, Difficulties and More

There are many moments as parents that give pause, make us question whether going one way or another is right in any given situation. Children’s speech is one of those areas that it’s hard to tell if there’s an immediate need for intervention. You might find yourself as a parent thinking: Is it normal for [...]

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Baby Proofing Your Home: How To Create a Safe Space for Your Baby

As parents, we do everything in our power to keep our children safe at home and to protect them from harm. We install child safety gates throughout the house and place child locks on the kitchen cupboards. We pick up small items that could get lodged in a baby’s throat and we keep dangerous chemicals [...]

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Our Favourite Sustainable Baby Products

With a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone, you can access an incredible variety of natural, organic, sustainable and ethical baby products. That’s great news for you, your baby and the planet! At Petit Early Learning Journey, we care about the health of your children, our team and the world we [...]

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