Encouraging your child’s innate potential and thriving personality are essential during the pre-school and kindergarten years.

Preparing for their school years is also fundamental.

Through play-based learning and structured learning times, we help pre-schoolers and kindergarteners thrive and flourish.

Pre-school studios

For ages 3-4, we provide studios that give children the opportunity and environment to lead their own learning.

Educators provide more structured activities than the toddler studios.

But much of our pre-school program is still enhanced with play-based learning and outdoor experiences.

In pre-school, children continue to form important language, social and cognitive abilities.

Kindergarten program

For children aged 4-5, we offer a rich and nurturing kindergarten program.

Our Kindergarten curriculum emphasizes play-based learning but also has structured learning times for:

  • Number concepts
  • Perceptual skills
  • Pre-writing skills (e.g. tracing, completing patterns, reproducing patterns)
  • Basic math
  • Reading and writing skills
  • And more

The primary goal of our kindergarten program is to prepare for a smooth, healthy transition to a child’s school years.

Benefits of attending a Petit ELJ Kindergarten Program:

  • Socialisation and supportive friendships
  • Develop a love of learning
  • Better prepared to start school
  • Interactive Smartboard and iPads to enhance learning journey

Petit ELJ provide a kindergarten program for children in the year before Prep (children who are 4 by 30 June in the year they start). Our kindergarten program is play-based and is delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. Our Centres based in Queensland and Victoria run a kindergarten program that is recognised and approved by their respected Governments whilst our New South Wales centres are recognised by the states Start Strong “School Readiness Program” Government initiative. These Centres also receive additional funding to enhance the kindergarten program.

Guidelines for pre-school and kindergarten

As we help pre-school and kindergarten children grow and develop, we encourage progression in the following areas:

  • Dresses and undresses with little help
  • Hops, jumps and runs with ease
  • Climbs steps with alternating feet
  • Gallops and skips by leading with one foot
  • Transfers weight forward to throw ball
  • Attempts to catch ball with hands
  • Climbs playground equipment with increasing agility
  • Holds crayon or pencil between thumb and first two fingers
  • Imitates variety of shapes in drawing, e.g. circles
  • Independently cuts paper with scissors
  • Toilet themselves
  • Feeds self with minimum spills
  • Enjoys playing with other children
  • May have a particular friend
  • Shares, smiles and cooperates with peers
  • Jointly manipulates objects with one or two other peers
  • Develops independence and social skills they will
  • Use for learning and getting on with others at preschool and school
  • Understands when someone is hurt and comforts them
  • Attains gender stability (sure she/he is a girl/boy)
  • May show stronger preference for same-sex playmates
  • May enforce gender-role norms with peers
  • May show bouts of aggression with peers
  • Likes to give and receive affection from parents
  • May praise themselves and be boastful
  • Understands opposites (e.g. big/little) and positional words (middle, end)
  • Uses objects and materials to build or construct things, e.g. block tower, puzzle, clay, sand and water
  • Answers simple questions
  • Counts five to ten things
  • Talks to self during play – to help guide what he/she does
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Follows simple rules and enjoys helping
  • May write some numbers and letters
  • Engages in dramatic play, taking on pretend character roles
  • Recalls events correctly
  • Counts by rote, having memorised numbers
  • Touches objects to count – starting to understand relationship between numbers and objects
  • Can recount a recent story
  • Can match and name some colours
  • Speaks in sentences and use many different words
  • Answers simple questions
  • Asks many questions
  • Tells stories
  • Talks constantly
  • Uses adult forms of speech
  • Takes part in conversations
  • Enjoys jokes, rhymes and stories

A holistic, nurturing environment

At Petit, we don’t just provide the basics.

We provide a wholesome, nurturing environment with:

  • New, well-resourced centres
  • Exceptional staff who care deeply about the development of each child
  • Fresh and healthy menus designed in association with child nutritionist – all meals prepared on-site
  • Inclusion of nappies, wipes, sunscreen, sunhat, linen (linen is not provided at all Centres)
  • Storypark app for documenting and sharing special moments with families
  • Secure PIN entry to the building and grounds
  • Natural elements and little to no shy plastic

Individual journey portfolios

At Petit we keep parents involved.

We document and track important moments in your child’s early learning journey.

And we share that with you through an individual journey portfolio built with:

  • Work samples
  • Observation records
  • Group project notes
  • Photos and videos
  • And more

We also use the portfolios to help children reflect back on their own work, progress and learning journey.


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