Supporting Our Teams—Looking After Your Career and Wellbeing in Early Childhood Education

At Petit Early Learning Journey, we genuinely care about supporting our people. You are not alone when it comes to looking after your career and wellbeing in early childhood education. As a member of our Petit ELJ family, we support your personal development and wellness. Every day our teams collaborate with families to assist in providing [...]

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Early Childhood Literacy Activities for Children

Early childhood literacy activities go beyond reading and writing. Children develop literacy as they engage in everyday experiences. Things like singing, cooking, folding the laundry and shopping can help your child develop skills for learning and engaging with society. Families seeking literacy activities for their preschooler or toddlers will find practical ideas below that they [...]

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Baby Development Milestones: Your Child’s First 12 Months

Baby development milestones are an introduction to your child's first twelve months. We separate our baby milestones into segments based on the Early Years Learning Framework. You should consider these milestones through the lens of your family and child. All children learn at their own pace. Premature babies may develop slower than other children who [...]

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How To Survive Camping With Toddlers

Camping with toddlers might seem like an adventure that could quickly become a disaster. What could go wrong with bringing a young child out into the wilderness? You might lose it, cry and pull your hair out but you'll also have some fantastic experiences with our tips. Young children love to explore nature. Whether they're a baby, [...]

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New Baby: How To Avoid Sibling Jealousy

New baby in residence or on the way? Congratulations! It's difficult to imagine how newborns - those tiny bundles of joy with their natural ability to mesmerise adults—can turn families with older children upside down with sibling jealousy. Babies are beautiful additions to any family. Whether they're your second, third or seventh child, they have [...]

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Looking After You: Resilience Training for Educators

When we talk about resilience training in child care, the focus is often on strengthening children's wellbeing. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) frequently raises wellbeing as it is pivotal to experiencing belonging, being and becoming. Being resilient improves wellbeing. Beyond Blue describes resilience as "Doing well during or after an adverse event, or a [...]

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Explore Learning Through Play With Children

Learning through play occurs naturally through everyday experiences. Children learn by exploring, using their imagination and by making decisions often through trial and error. Play changes as children grow, and many different forms of play support children's agency. Families can promote play by encouraging and participating in children's play. Playing together is one of the [...]

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Parents Are A Child’s First Teacher: Why Family Partnerships Are So Important

Improving child development is best achieved in early education and care environments when there are strong family partnerships. Documented research and experience widely supports the positive effect on a child's development. A 2010 report for the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, examined a large body of research that shows families have [...]

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Gifts From The Heart: DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Not sure what to gift this Father’s Day? Engage your child in creating one or more of these DIY Father’s Day gifts. These homemade ideas for children to make, use art and craft materials as well as recyclables to make gifts from the heart. Dads and grandpas can be some of the hardest people to [...]

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