Grandparents Day: Celebrating the Role of Older People

Grandparents Day is an opportunity to show our love and appreciation for all the things our grandparents do for their grandchildren and families. It's a special day for connecting with family and a reminder of the role senior citizens can play in raising children. In Australia, most states observe Grandparents Day on the last Sunday [...]

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Not Just A Float: Recognising the Value of the Float Educator

What does a float Educator do? There are many different ideas of what a float position in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) does. The term "float" can apply to any role, casual or permanent. An Assistant Educator may sometimes be assigned the role of a float, in that they may work with more than [...]

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Why Music and Movement Matter in Early Childhood Education

Children love engaging with music and movement in early childhood education. It helps them express their feelings and emotions, learn to work in groups and develop their self-confidence and imagination. Interacting with music and movement in early childhood education is part of a child's everyday life in Australia. They add colour and fullness to the [...]

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DIY: 20 Easy Homemade Toys for Toddlers

Petit Early Learning Journey’s list of DIY 20 Homemade Toys is bound to bring some joy into your toddler’s life. Are you searching for homemade toys that will hold your toddler’s attention and encourage imaginative play? Then this list of DIY toy projects is perfect for you! From simple wooden blocks to no-sew cloth dolls, [...]

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From Theory to Practice — Innovation in Early Childhood Education and Care

At Petit Early Learning Journey we always seek new ways of doing things in education and care. We promote research through everyday practice and encourage our Educators to engage in a shared understanding of contemporary teaching approaches. Our teams are dedicated to making a difference in every child's life. They explore quality pedagogy to develop [...]

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40 Father’s Day Activities to Surprise Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner. To help you out, we've created a list of Father's Day activities and ideas that are sure to make any Dad happy. In addition, there are activities for every child's father figure and special person – whether they're into cooking, music, or games. Our list includes both indoor and outdoor [...]

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When Too Many Toys Squash Children’s Creativity

Does your child have too many toys? Do you find yourself tripping over playthings, standing on sharp trinkets or with no room left as plushies are bursting out the door? Then, your child's toys may be stifling their creativity. Some viewpoints propose children should have no or fewer toys. While you might object to this [...]

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Supporting Educator’s Goals in Child Care

It takes an exceptional person to work in early childhood education and care. At Petit Early Learning Journey, we're committed to supporting Educator's goals in an environment where they thrive and it provides them with the greatest satisfaction. Every ECEC service in Australia is required to regularly evaluate and develop individual performance plans under Quality Area 7.2.3. Individual [...]

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Building Community Connections for Families

When families engage with meaningful community connections, they feel a sense of belonging. In addition, building community connections for families creates strong support networks, promotes respect and brings children and their families together. Research shows that children who connect with their communities develop a strong sense of belonging and identity. When we support community connections [...]

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