Helping grow our future – Petit Early Learning Marian’s visit to Landcare Centre

Petit Early Learning Journey child care provides a hands-on opportunity for children to learn about the environment. Petit’s high quality, progressive and inspiring child care centres focus on holistic learning and development of children. A vibrant place for your child to learn, grow and explore.

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7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Child’s Reading Skills

Reading is an incredibly important part of your child’s emotional and intellectual development.  Strong reading skills set your child up for success later in life in many ways. Your child will learn new words and improve both their language association skills and the fundamentals of language Reading increases your child’s ability to learn across all [...]

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The Absolute Essentials of a Quality Child Care Centre

Trusting someone else to care for your child can be a difficult decision, but it is easier if you know what the essentials of quality child care centre are. This way you can assess if they provide the level of care that you want for your child. As the parent of a young child, you [...]

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7 Fabulous Family Activities for Autumn

Feeling down about the days of summer coming to an end?  You probably aren’t alone. Summer is filled with so many activities that you can participate in with your children. Going to the beach to swim and build sand castles Festivals and fairs for many occasions Taking holidays while your children are out of school [...]

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6 Ways to Get Your Pre-Kindy Child Ready for School

Starting school is a huge milestone in a child’s life. Often parents are worried that they have not done enough to prepare their child for this transition. This is especially true in Australia because it has some of the earliest starting ages anywhere. Also, the fact that each state sets its own guidelines means that [...]

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