Building Collaborative Partnerships with Families

Collaborative partnerships with families are essential to providing high-quality care in early childhood education and care. Grounded in Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Standards (NQS), collaborative partnerships call for open, honest and respectful communication. A child's first experiences and interactions shape the world they see. With this in mind, families are children's first [...]

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12 DIY Mother’s Day Ideas From The Heart

DIY Mother's Day ideas bypass the expense with a gift or experience made with love. Our 12 do it yourself ideas involve families and children using what you already have at home to create and give mum something special for Mother’s Day. You might be wondering what things you can do for your mother or [...]

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7 Helpful Tips On Teaching Children Kindness

Teaching children kindness is one of the most important things we can pass on to the next generations. Promoting kindness starts by being good role models in how we show kindness to each other, ourselves, and how we interact with our environment. Kindness is thought to be a natural human response. The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi [...]

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Putting Children First in Early Childhood Education

What does putting children first in early childhood education mean? At Petit Early Learning Journey our philosophy and beliefs state that children come first. When we put children first we’re supporting children’s agency and recognising them as people with valuable views and ideas. Supporting children’s agency and including them in decision-making impacts all seven quality [...]

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15 Engaging Earth Day Activities for Toddlers

Our Earth Day activities for toddlers provide several awesome and easy Earth Day ideas for celebrating our wonderful planet. We're a bit obsessed with nature and the way our lives leave a footprint on our world, now and for future generations. Earth Day falls on the same day every year. It first began in the [...]

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How to Explain Anzac Day to Preschoolers

Our responsibility to explain Anzac Day to preschoolers is made easier by their natural fascination for learning things about the past. Anzac Day, held on 25 April, is a national day of remembrance for serving or ex-service Defence Force members in Australia and New Zealand. To explain Anzac Day to preschoolers, you need to begin with [...]

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20 Essential Self Help Skills for Toddlers

When toddlers practise self-help skills, it boosts their confidence. Children are naturally inclined to want to do things for themselves. Encouraging your child's self-care, like feeding themselves, reduces their stress and promotes their self-esteem. Teaching your child to be self-sufficient is a gradual process. Children begin to learn new self-care skills as babies, and it [...]

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15 Baby Shower Games to Make Your Party Pop!

Often hosted by a friend or close family member, baby showers traditionally celebrate an expected first child. Make your party a success with these 15 popular baby shower games. Whether you're an expecting mum and dad or the designated baby shower organiser, you'll find several fun games below to include in your baby shower activities [...]

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Encouraging a Positive Workplace Culture in Early Childhood Education and Care

Encouraging a positive workplace culture is critical in early childhood education and care services (ECEC). It not only boosts employee morale, but it also helps to promote a collaborative, safe and healthy working environment. At Petit Early Learning Journey, we care about creating a supportive work culture. Collaboration is necessary for educational leadership. We view [...]

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First Aid for Children: How to Treat Burns, Scrapes and Owies

Knowing first aid for children can make the difference between preserving life and improving the recovery process. There’s nothing worse than being in a situation where your child is hurt and you’re not sure how to react or what to do to make it better. Owies can happen anywhere and at any time. While hugs [...]

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