Baby Stuff: Our Baby Essentials Guide for Newborns

Shopping for your newborn can make you dizzy. It is a challenge to know what to buy and if you really need it, especially in the lead up to that big day. There are so many adorable things available but our essentials guide to baby stuff will keep you focused on what your baby needs. [...]

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When To Start Your Childcare Search

When should you start figuring out childcare? It’s one of the many questions that expecting parents have on their minds. You should start your childcare search by comparing the different types of care available against your needs and preferences. The urgency to find the right childcare services for your child will depend on your individual circumstances and [...]

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Community Engagement in ECE Services

Community engagement in Early Childhood Education (ECE) services is essential for providing quality care. The National Quality Framework (NQF) supports the need for services to build links and encourage children and their families to connect with their community. Even in a regional area, it can take time to form links within the local community. That [...]

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10 Positive Parenting Solutions for Toddlers

Toddlers are curious learners. By the age of one, most children discover they have two little feet perfect for exploring. By two, they want some independence, and what follows often leads to undesirable behaviours. Sound familiar? Then it’s time to practice positive parenting solutions. Positive parenting focuses on the positive aspects of parent-child relationships. Rather [...]

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Pain Relief for Children: When to Use Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

When your child has a fever or is in pain, you may think administering pain relief for children is a good idea. Though paracetamol and ibuprofen appear benign, the wrong dose or frequency can harm your child. A better course of action is to investigate your child’s discomfort first and try more natural methods. Before [...]

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Allowing Passion Projects to Shine Through

Do you have a unique passion project? Passion projects or personal projects are usually activities we take on outside our professional sphere to develop our deeper, personal interests. We frequently associate passion-based projects with a hobby as they provide personal enjoyment. Passion projects are not usually associated with things like professional development, or thought of [...]

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Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Childcare

Cultural diversity in childcare provides a range of opportunities for children and families to celebrate differences. It's one aspect of diversity, which also embraces differences in gender, disabilities, age, social, and economic backgrounds. Cultural diversity promotes different cultures, racial and ethnic groups within our community. Educators show their respect for diversity by celebrating those differences. [...]

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School Readiness Checklist: Find Out if Your Child is Ready for School

School Readiness Checklist: Find Out if Your Child is Ready for School Is your child ready for school? It's that time of the year when parents begin panicking. Your tiny bundle of joy is about to swap their swaddles and wraps for school bags and lunch boxes. Where did the time go? School interviews are [...]

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Early Childhood: The Role Of An Educator | Petit ELJ

Early Childhood: What is the Role of an Educator? Childcare and early learning centres provide essential support services. When it’s time to return to work, parents need a trustworthy carer for their child. As parents have the most significant influence on their child’s development, what is the role of an Educator in early childhood? The [...]

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Stroke By Stroke: Teach Your Children To Swim This Summer

When summer arrives, Australians love to head outdoors. Whether you have your own swimming pool or you’re thinking about heading to the beach or another local watering hole, the earlier you teach your child to swim, the easier it is for them to learn and be safe. Babies have natural reflexes that make them appear [...]

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