Changes to The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from July 2023

What you need to know!

From the 10th July – childcare is going to be significantly more affordable for many families, thanks to the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

It is more affordable with 96% of families benefiting from the CCS changes.

Watch the video to learn more.

What are the changes?

  • Most families will get an increased subsidy rate. The maximum amount of CCS is increasing from 85% to 90% for families earning $80,000 or less.
  • More families will be eligible with the income limit for CCS increasing to $530,000 a year
  • Families will still get a higher rate of CCS for one or more of their children aged 5 or under in care, as long as the families earning is below $362,408
  • Families with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children can get at least 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight for that child. This is regardless of their family’s activity level
Current CCS New CCS from 10 July 2023
Income cap $356,756 $530,000
Low-income threshold:  $72,466 $80,000
Maximum CCS: 85% 90%

What does that mean for my family?

Imagine a family with a combined income of $180,000. Their child attends childcare 2 days per week, costing them $142 out of pocket. From 10th July, their subsidy will rocket from 50% to 70%, saving them $46 per week. This means they can send their child for an extra day of care every week, at no extra cost, and still save money!

The new CCS is all about giving your child the best possible start, without breaking the bank. Get ready to embrace these changes and let your child’s potential shine.

What shall I do next?

Whether you are still looking for care or an existing family who are currently enrolled at our Petit ELJ centre, we welcome you to contact one of our local centres and find out exactly how much you can save today.