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Supporting Children’s Creativity in ECEC Services

We all know that children are creative. They come up with new and interesting ways to play, and they often see the world in a way that adults don’t. But creativity isn’t just about new ideas – it’s also about the process of creating those concepts. In other words, the best way to be creative [...]

2023-01-04T14:13:02+10:00December 28th, 2022|Culture|

Petit Early Learning Journey’s Monthly Newsletter December 2022

Alison's update Chief Operating Officer Welcome to our December newsletter for 2022. This year we saw a return to family and community events in our centres and the restart of Support Office visits and in-person national team meetings. Fostering meaningful reconnections and being more visible in centres was welcomed by all. I would like to [...]

2022-12-22T18:11:21+10:00December 22nd, 2022|Articles|

The Best Homemade Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Children

Are you looking for homemade stocking stuffers ideas to surprise your children this holiday season? Handmade gifts are the perfect gifts as they are personalised and fun. Our list of 42 children's DIY stocking stuffer gifts will make Santa's job easier. Our cheap stocking stuffers ideas for children are fun to make, inexpensive, thoughtful and [...]

2023-01-04T14:20:59+10:00December 21st, 2022|Articles|

25 Items to Recycle at Home With Your Preschooler

Recycling at home is more important than ever for the environment and as we teach our children about sustainability. Recycling items can be a fun and educational experience with added eco-friendly benefits for the whole family. Many homes have recycling bins and access to government recycling schemes. These strategies help us to decrease hazardous waste [...]

2023-01-04T14:22:22+10:00December 7th, 2022|Articles|
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