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Supporting Children’s Transition to School: Saying Goodbye

The five learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) guide the way Educators support a child's transition to school. Planning is child-focused. It reflects on the challenges from a child's perspective while helping families to navigate through the change. At Petit Early Learning Journey, our centres’ approach to starting school differs depending on [...]

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Exploring Gross Motor Skills in Children

Gross motor skills impact the ability to control whole-body movements using the arms, legs and torso. They begin developing right from birth as your baby flexes, reaches and waves their arms and legs in the air. It can take many weeks to acquire the skills needed to sit up and crawl. ‘Locomotor skills’ is another [...]

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10 Messy Play Ideas For Babies And Toddlers

Mud, sand, dirt, leaves, goop, foam, paint, water and grass—these are the things that make messy play. Whipping up a mess is fun. It's also good for your child's development. It stimulates their senses, strengthens their hand-eye coordination and develops their fine motor skills. Messy play is a type of sensory play. Babies from 12 months [...]

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4 Toddler Recipes: Delicious Treats You Can Make Together

Cooking is a useful way to interest your child in food. Rather than cooking an entire meal together, you can encourage your child to help you prepare some of it. We've collected 7 easy toddler recipes that you can make together. These delicious treats and healthy toddler meals are simple enough for your child to [...]

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Why Outdoor Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers Rock!

Outdoor activities for toddlers are hugely beneficial for cognitive and physical development. While all children love outdoor play, being outside gives your toddler a magical place to explore. They will love discovering all that nature has to offer, and it's an ideal place for sensory play too. Organised outdoor games are fun and beneficial, especially for [...]

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Importance Of Work-Life Balance For Parents

Your children are sleeping. It’s finally that quiet moment in the evening when you have some time for yourself. You might watch a movie, read a book, sip a martini, or spend some much-needed R&R with your partner. Sounds idyllic. We hear about the importance of work-life balance everywhere. We're told it's a must-have if [...]

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12 Recycling Activities For Preschoolers

Reconnect with your child using these 12 fun recycling activities for preschoolers. Turn the TV off and ditch the gadgets to make your home more sustainable for future generations. Recycling projects make for inventive experiences that children can turn into lifelong habits. Instead of buying new resources, explore craft ideas for kids with waste material. [...]

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