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How to Become an Early Childhood Teacher

Are you interested in working as an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)? Under the National Quality Framework (NQF), individuals working in an early learning centre must hold recognised qualifications. At Petit Early Learning Journey, you need a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (or equivalent). This is also true when applying to lead our approved kindergarten program as [...]

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25 Must-have Children’s Books for Ages 2-5

Picture books promote a love for learning. You can start reading aloud to your child before they're two. It will stimulate their development and ignite their imagination. Much of the enjoyment of a children's book comes from reading it aloud. Children's picture books combine images and symbols with words, pop-ups, sounds and textures to create [...]

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5 Positive Responses for Parents to Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are the things of parents’ nightmares. They can happen at any time and anywhere. Yes… that’s my child having a complete meltdown on aisle 2. But even as we struggle to handle the phenomenon known as the terrible twos, it’s easy to question our parenting skills. What am I doing wrong?  How do I [...]

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Top 10 Free Activities for Children in SE Queensland

We often hear parents wonder where to take their children on weekends and holidays. No matter where you are in Australia, there are plenty of things to do that won’t empty your bank account. This month, we’ve chosen our Top 10 Free Activities for Children in SE Queensland. If you’re near our Petit Early Learning [...]

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Why Art Matters: 5 Reasons Children Need Exposure to Art

As parents, we’re proud of the splatters and swirls of paint that decorate our child’s art. We’ll stick a drawing on the refrigerator and share another over social media. While you appreciate their effort and think about the meaning, do you ever wonder why art matters? How you view art and its role in your [...]

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