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Mindful early learning in Elderslie.

Join an Early Learning Centre that provides opportunities for children to learn as they create, discover, improvise and imagine.

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ACECQA Rating: Exceeding

At Petit ELJ Elderslie we foster a mindful approach that caters for children’s ages, diverse cultural needs, and learning abilities. Our tranquil environments are engaging, warm and are an extension of each child’s home. Our learning program is developed around our children’s learning dispositions and their interests.We provide opportunities for children to learn as they create, discover, improvise and imagine which builds a strong foundation for their future learning. Family input is encouraged at Petit ELJ Elderslie and is a valued voice in our centre. Our Educators are engaged with learning professionals, ongoing training, and guided by our company and centre philosophy.

Sarah Murray Centre Director

My name is Sarah Murray and I am the Centre Director at Elderslie. I have been working in the childcare sector for over 10 years now. I started off as a trainee and have worked my way up to management to lead and drive a successful and passionate team!

I have two beautiful daughters of my own and am very lucky to have two gorgeous grandchildren also, who light up my world and I love so deeply.

I believe that early childhood education is a pivotal time of a little one’s life, to be treasured and valued. It is when children start to make discoveries about the world around them and themselves. I believe it is through stimulating play-based learning and exposure to diverse and empowering experiences that children develop a sense of belonging, being and, becoming, which are the fundamental principles in reaching their full potential.

I’m passionate and love working in Early Childhood Education because we have the unique opportunity to see the most precious little people grow and develop. We are able to work with our families to widen their support network and provide education and care to their children. Seeing children grown into their personalities is so exciting and becoming a person they trust to lead and guide them is just the best feeling. I am looking forward to you becoming part of the Petit ELJ community.

The high-quality care your child deserves!

Extra-curricular activities

To complement our quality educational program and enrich your child’s early learning journey, we offer numerous incursions and excursions throughout the year. Some of which are inclusive within your daily fee. At our Elderslie Centre, we offer the Munch and Move Program.


We love to make our families’ lives a little easier by offering all day to day necessities. All nappies, wipes, bed linen and food are included in your daily fees. We also provide hats and sunscreen for all children. To enhance your child’s early learning journey with us, we are also pleased to include special extra-curricular activities within your daily fee.


Have peace of mind that your child is eating fresh nutritionally sound meals as they are prepared on-site by our very own chef. Collaborating with experts in nutrition and working alongside recognised nutritional bodies within each state on our menus, all meals are made seasonally to ensure we use quality ingredients. Included each day are breakfast, morning tea, nutritious lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack.

The perfect environment for your child to discover their creativity, confidence and love of learning.

Your child will be engaged in an honest, welcoming and friendly environment that is suited to their age and developmental needs. Our staff-to-child ratios ensure your child is getting the best care and attention they need and deserve.

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Elderslie Pre-school Program

Enrol your child in a Pre-school Program today to encourage a smooth transition and school readiness!

There is a strong focus on children’s social and emotional development to ensure that each child has the skills to become active and confident learners as they move onto school.

Here at Petit ELJ Elderslie, we run a play-based program that stems from the children’s interests, strengths and needs.

We have a keen interest in the importance of families in the children’s pre-school experience, and we work to nurture the link between home and pre-school with all the families we meet. We are excited to share with you the learning of your child, and we look forward to the shared experiences of play and fun that we have in each session.

Petit ELJ Elderslie Pre-school Teacher Profile

Maree KeirouzEarly Childhood Teacher

Throughout my experience in working with children during a range of roles, I have come to understand the most important concept to keep in mind is to view each child holistically as a unique individual. I see my belief reflected in the work of theorist John Dewey who said that “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Other research also supports the idea that it is not the role of educators to teach but to create opportunities for young children to play and learn. My understanding is that my role as an educator isn’t to prepare children for their future but to consider learning in the present time by consistently challenging children’s thinking of themselves and the world around them. I do this through meaningful play and exploration and guide children’s perspectives and future decision making.

I believe that children have the right to access meaningful education within a safe, predictable and purposeful environment that supports their need for play and learning. I have been inspired by education theorists Vygotsky and Bronfenbrenner who promote that children learn and are influenced by an environment that encourages positive social interactions, building on their self-confidences and sense of belonging to their community. I therefore consistently create a safe and inviting environment that supports children to interact with others with empathy, care and respect while encouraging a balance between adult interactions and availability within their current world.

Our Learning Program

Benefits of attending a Petit ELJ Pre-school Program

Our qualified early childhood teachers guide children through a learning journey that provides the foundation for a successful transition to school and that aligns with the EYLF that ‘all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life’.

Through participation in our evidence-based pedagogy program which include elements of play-based, inquiry-based and project-based learning, children are encouraged to investigate and explore materials and ideas through play and purposeful interactions.

In attending a Petit ELJ Pre-school, your child will:

  • Build a sense of security, trust and a confident self-identity.
  • Independence and perseverance are encouraged and nurtured.
  • Learn to show respect for diversity and their environment.
  • Build a sense of autonomy and explore ways to be healthy and safe.
  • Develop confidence and involvement in their learning journey.
  • Have the opportunity to use technology for learning and communication.
  • Explore and expand their language and engage in literacy and numeracy in personally meaningful ways.

All of which we believe will support your child in a successful transition to school and set them up for future learning success.

Extra benefits we gift to you and your child

  • Enriching and exciting incursions and excursions.
  • Assess to interactive Smartboard to enhance learning journey.

Petit ELJ Fees 2021

All Ages

$115 / day

Included in the fees:

  • Nappies, wipes, bedding and linen
  • All wholesome meals prepared by an in-house chef. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack
  • Access to our secure, electronic sign in and sign out system
  • Access to StoryPark – your child’s online learning portfolio
  • Inclusion in our Early Childhood Teacher taught Pre-school Program (if eligible)
  • Starter Enrolment Pack (includes a sunhat and tote bag)
  • Access to Kindy Now App – a convenient platform to book
    casual bookings and notify the centre of any absence days
  • Access to Safe Sleep Spaces parent program – Nourish

Our 106 place centre has 7 studios and a separate sleep room attached to the nursery. Children are grouped in studios based on both age and developmental needs.

Child Care Subsidy Eligibility

Our fees are before the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Petit ELJ Elderslie is registered and eligible for CCS support. We offer flexible 12, 10 and 9-hour sessions which may assist in maximising CCS entitlement hours. Our Centre Director can assist in determining the best session for you. You can obtain an estimate of the subsidy you may receive under CCS.

Enrolment Administration Fee

If your child is enrolling for the first time a non refundable enrolment administration fee is
required to secure your child’s permanent enrolment. Our $30 enrolment administration fee
will be charged on completion of the enrolment forms.

Parents love Petit Early Learning Journey Elderslie.

Anouska Scarfe, Elderslie NSW

Our 14 month old son started with Petit three weeks ago after being with another centre since he was three months old.
The management and staff have been nothing short of amazing. They calmed anxious mum here about some significant changes that would be happening and my son has been adjusting well! The girls are very loving and understanding. They are great at making every little person feel at home and nothing is a problem.
Since starting at Petit our son has been eating better at home and becoming much more independent!
Could not recommend this daycare enough! If you are thinking of putting your children here, you should.

Kat Dallas, Elderslie NSW

Absolutely fantastic centre. The educators talk about my children with the same love & excitement as I do. The centre director is amazing. She organises such great events for the children. She really makes the school. I have been to 3 different centres and this one is by far the best.

Christie Garthe, Elderslie NSW

My daughter started daycare here and the teachers here are amazing. I know at the end of the day my child has had a wonderful day.

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