We want you to be a part of all the joy and special moments in your child’s life.

When your child is at our centre, we’ll capture important milestones, photos and learning activities.

And we’ll share them with you through our Storypark app.

Staying closely connected

The Storypark app allows us to capture photos, stories and memories and share them directly with you and other family members (if you wish).

Storypark gives you acess to view, comment on and share:

  • Special moments and memories
  • Pictures, videos and audio
  • Learning stories, milestones and play experiences
  • Group stories including images and videos of your child interacting with other children and educators
  • Upcoming special events such as educational sessions

No matter what is happening, you will be included in the journey.

Storypark access

As a parent, you will have secure access to the Storypark app and all its features.

You can also choose to give access to other family members and close friends — no matter where they are in the world.

Storypark enhances parental and family involvement in a child’s learning, because everyone stays up-to-date. The Storypark ePortfolio can be accessed and utilised from birth to school.

Options and features

Storypark is a user-friendly application with the following features:

A secure electronic sign-in/sign-out system Parental control of their child’s portfolio Easy conversation and commenting tools
Quick visibility of a child’s learning progression Easy and quick sharing of videos, photos and audio Option to invite specialists or aides to your child’s portfolio
Information about learning frameworks Ability to share with family and friends around the world Compatability with iOS and Android

Value of Storypark

In addition to being a part of your child’s journey, Storypark also offers the opportunity to:

  • Revisit and relive memories, photos and videos at any time
  • Use the portfolio for school transition and introduction to new teachers or aides
  • Reflect on the learning progress and work samples with your child
  • Offer inspiration for at-home activities and adventures
  • Share moments and progress with family and friends around the world

Storypark preview

To see what Storypark is like, check out this short video: