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Top 3 Reading Games for Young Kids

Games are a great way to start your young child on the wonderful journey of learning to read. Introducing these three reading games at a young age will provide mental stimulation and growth, along with build their memory. WIth games, your child can learn to identify letters and letter sounds, process sequencing, and the pattern [...]

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Family Input Creates a Sense of Belonging

Family input is about working together. It allows us to foster a sense of belonging for both the child and the parents. When parents and educators find a way to collaborate it strengthens the child’s identity and enhances their learning. As educators, we have a meaningful role to play in strengthening the sense of belonging [...]

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6 Ways Your Child (and You) Will Benefit From Long Day Care Kindy vs Traditional Kindy

The kindy and pre-school years are vitally important in preparing your child for their transition into school. You may not be sure whether to enrol your little one into a traditional kindergarten or choose a kindy program in a long day care centre. So how do you decide which is the best fit for your [...]

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How Child Care Can Play a Positive Role in Your Baby’s Development

It’s a hotly debated topic — one that makes parents feel all kinds of emotions. And no, it’s not whether a child should only eat organic food, but something much bigger. It’s the role child care plays in the development of a baby. Despite the guilt proponents some want to dump on working parents, there [...]

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Solid Sleep: Training Techniques to Encourage Children to Sleep Longer At Night

Sleepless nights make you tired and grumpy, especially when cries from younger members of your family interrupt your nice sleep. When your children don’t sleep, neither do you. This short sleep training guide will help you get your beauty sleep. It’s natural for a baby to want a feed during the night. But once their [...]

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