Why Early Childhood Professional Development is Critical

Are you a leader? Participating in early childhood professional development is an excellent step towards becoming a leader in your sector. There are many reasons for Educators in early learning to participate in professional development. Developing leadership skills is one. With so many changes in the early childhood sector, especially with the introduction of the [...]

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What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

Have you heard of the Early Years Learning Framework or its acronym EYLF? If you’re looking for a daycare solution, you’ll come across these terms and more. Sometimes, they’re used in conjunction with other words like ‘belonging’, ‘being’ and ‘becoming’. For new parents seeking a safe and secure place to care for their child, daycare [...]

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Integrity: Do you have one of the top traits of a child care educator?

One of the essential aspects of the National Quality Framework (NQF) is that it seeks to establish a system of integrity and quality. This is evident in Quality Area 7: Governance and Leadership where effective leaders establish values for all employees including child care educators. Yet integrity permeates throughout the NQS. It also applies to [...]

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Embracing The Value of Play-based Learning

From the moment a child is born, there are playful beginnings. A newborn is hardwired to move about and experiment with how things, like fingers, wiggle and touch. Though it may seem ordinary, a baby naturally embarks on an adventure of a lifetime through play-based learning. Children actively participate in their own development. It is [...]

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Discovering A Love For The Environment With Sustainable Practices In Childcare

As children, the world fills us with awe and wonder. The environment has a huge impact on children, because of our constant interaction with it. That’s why sustainable practices are an essential element of early learning centres and education programs. As we move through the 21st century, we’re more aware of the impact our decisions [...]

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Our Culture: How We Promote Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is an important part of our health as we get older. Learned during the early years of childhood, it is likely to boost the quality of life in later years. Our interest in physical literacy will help children develop an effective lifelong learning approach. Research confirms that physical activity impacts mental health in older [...]

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