The early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector is constantly evolving. In a world filled with change, such as new research, techniques, and best practices, the key to success lies in connecting with the inspiration in education and care.

Educators strive to ignite a passion for lifelong learning, nurturing children to think critically, explore new ideas, and embrace their curiosity. Creating a culture and community of professional learning (Quality Area 7, National Quality Standards) is essential for educators to continuously improve and deliver a high-quality education and care service.

One of the pathways for educators to grow their knowledge and experience is through further education and training. At Petit Early Learning Journey, we offer eligible educators traineeships and scholarships to support their growth.

By harnessing the power of inspiration, education becomes a transformative journey. Educators as learning role models for children, gain new knowledge and acquire the skills and mindset necessary to thrive.

Join us as we shine a light on the Petit ELJ’s latest leaders of learning as they share their professional development success stories and career experiences:

Completing a Childcare Traineeship with Petit Early Learning Journey

Educator Xanthie Pearce from Petit Early Learning Journey Coffs Harbour recently attained her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care through Kool Kids Training College (KKTC), our Petit ELJ sector training partner.

“Petit ELJ is my first job in the ECEC sector,” says Xanthie. “My cousin told me there was a traineeship position available. I feel I work well with little children and love that I can help them learn and grow.”

“I completed my Certificate III as a trainee through Petit ELJ. Studying while working is so helpful, and it really allowed me to learn theory while implementing this into practice. Before working at Petit ELJ, I had no knowledge in childcare, so I have enjoyed learning so much through studies and from my peers over the past year or so.”

“I found it easier to grasp concepts while being able to implement them day to day in the workplace. Having peers around me who have also studied helped, as we could bounce ideas off each other and work collaboratively.”

Finding inspiration in education with studying and practising

Lead Educator Molly Bale was awarded Most Improved Educator of the Year in 2021 at Petit Early Learning Journey Hamilton when she made an extraordinary transition from assistant educator to lead educator.

“I started working in early education and care when working towards a Certificate III at another beautiful centre called Milford Lodge on the Sunshine Coast,” says Molly. “I studied my Certificate III through a school-based traineeship beginning at the end of 2016, meaning I worked there one day a week.”

“Getting into this career was to give me a boost to actually get into university as a pathway to study my nursing degree. I started studying nursing; however, my passion for helping children and observing children’s various developments grew stronger through working at Petit ELJ.”

Molly then completed her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care while caring for children at Petit ELJ Hamilton.

Gaining a deeper understanding of how children learn

“Participating in professional development and becoming a lead educator at Petit ELJ has enabled me to better understand how children learn and a deeper understanding of what they are learning,” says Molly.

“It has enabled me to gain knowledge of how children engage in experiences and how we can positively influence children’s lives to ensure they feel as though they belong and continue to be successful learners throughout their lives.”

“I have found that Petit ELJ provides relevant feedback to ensure we strive to do our best and provide the best care to each child. I have loved completing formal training while also working in the sector. It has enabled me to reassess what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.”

“Learning while practising being an educator is exciting. As I studied and worked in this sector, I found that everything we do as educators has a purpose. It enables you to put theory into practice and demonstrate that we are all capable learners, as are the children.”

“Petit ELJ has really enabled me to grow as an educator. It has given me many opportunities to do my best and be the best educator I can with much more room for growth.”

“I love learning from each child every day and observing their growth and learning. It is a rewarding profession. As I continue to study for my Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education, I continue improving my knowledge and putting it into practice.”

Professional skills development a benefit of formal training

Petit ELJ Hamilton’s Assistant Director Megan Capes always wanted to be a teacher.

“After I had my daughter,” says Megan, “I volunteered at my daughter’s school and loved working with children, so I enrolled to study my Certificate III and found Petit ELJ along the way.”

“Being able to work, study and gain on-the-job skills and knowledge has been the best part of working at Petit ELJ. After finishing my Certificate III, I had the confidence to continue with my Diploma of Early Childhood and Care. The encouragement and help from the leadership and support team has been amazing.”

“Some of the benefits of completing formal training while educating and caring for children include:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity Petit ELJ has given me to extend and further my career, skills, and knowledge.”

Becoming a leader of education with a Diploma traineeship

Centre Director Alex O’Sullivan has worked at Petit ELJ Coffs Harbour for over three years. Alex is a Mum, educator and leader of learning and has supported children across the centre in different roles.

“In the past, I have worked with primary school-aged children,” says Alex, “but after having my children, I became drawn to the early years sector. I began working as a Certificate III educator at Petit ELJ Coffs Harbour and was offered a diploma traineeship. Then, I became the room leader in our Burrows Lane studio and progressed to the assistant centre director role and now the centre director.”

“Along the way, I have received abundant support and guidance from fellow educators and the leadership team. I feel that Petit ELJ Coffs Harbour is an extremely supportive environment to grow in.”

“The major benefit of completing formal training is the on-the-job experience while studying. This opportunity has made learning much easier. Petit ELJ Coffs Harbour is a fun and welcoming environment, and I encourage anyone who wants to study to combine it with on-the-job training.”

Finding career success with Petit ELJ’s Excellence Scholarship program

Early Childhood Teacher Trang Luong at Petit Early Learning Journey Richmond educates and cares for 3-year-old children in the Blossom Hill studio, but the ECEC sector wasn’t her first career choice.

“I adore children’s innocence, cuteness, and laughter and find them incredibly endearing,” says Trang. “However, my journey into the ECEC sector differed from what I had envisioned. I initially pursued a secondary teaching career when I arrived in Australia. I realised it didn’t bring me the same joy and fulfilment as working in primary schools back in my home country.”

“Feeling uncertain about my career path, I heard about the Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care through a friend. Intrigued by the prospect, I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, I fell in love with it, prompting me to continue my education with a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching (Early Years). Witnessing children’s growth, curiosity, and enthusiasm first-hand has been incredibly rewarding and has reinforced my commitment to this field.”

“Halfway through my Bachelor’s course, I came across a flyer detailing Petit ELJ’s Excellence Scholarship program. Considering the achievements, rewards, and dedication I had demonstrated at Petit ELJ up to that point, I decided to consult with my centre management team.”

A supportive team environment

“They wholeheartedly encouraged and supported my decision to apply,” says Trang, “providing guidance throughout the application process. Their support made the application journey smoother and boosted my confidence in pursuing the scholarship at my workplace.”

“Balancing formal training and working in the ECEC sector simultaneously was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It required a great deal of time management and commitment. Juggling coursework, assignments, and job responsibilities demanded careful planning and organisation, a skill I continuously strive to improve.”

“Moreover, studying and working in the sector concurrently brought numerous benefits. I had the opportunity to gain practical experience and immediately apply the knowledge I acquired in the early learning environment. This hands-on experience enhanced my confidence at work. It facilitated a deeper understanding and connection between theory and practice.”

“The scholarship has alleviated financial burdens, allowing me to focus more on my studies and professional development. It has relieved financial stress and allowed me to invest more time and resources into enhancing my skills and knowledge.”

“Overall, despite the challenges, the experience of completing formal training while working in the ECEC sector was enriching, empowering, and instrumental in my personal and professional growth.”

Discover inspiration in education with Petit Early Learning Journey

Shining a light on our teams and individual successes is essential. Upskilling and sharing new ideas and knowledge benefits the whole of Petit ELJ, including our children and families. Our teams inspire us as they are always growing and embracing an ambition of lifelong learning.

Our people come from many different backgrounds and skill sets. At Petit ELJ, we encourage our teaching teams to collaborate, mentor and share knowledge with their peers. Our centres have monthly paid training sessions and regular leadership meetings with our Support Office.

Are you seeking a career change or an ECEC service that genuinely supports its people to seek out new learning and become their best selves?

Be inspired by your next career opportunity.