Are you interested in working as an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)? Under the National Quality Framework (NQF), individuals working in an early learning centre must hold recognised qualifications.

At Petit Early Learning Journey, you need a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (or equivalent). This is also true when applying to lead our approved kindergarten program as a Kindergarten Teacher.

At Petit ELJ, all our centres offer Queensland and Victorian approved kindergarten programs. In New South Wales, we provide our kindergarten (NSW call their program Pre-school) curriculum.

Our early childhood programs help children transition to school, gain independence, grow confidence, and deliver a range of quality learning experiences. If you’re seeking a career in early childhood teaching, read on to discover:

  • How do you become an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)
  • Qualifications for Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)
  • Benefits of working as an Early Childhood Teacher
  • What our Early Childhood Teachers say

An Early Childhood Teacher at Petit Early Learning Journey encourages two early learners sorting colours

How Do You Become an Early Childhood Teacher?

There is so much more to becoming an Early Childhood Teacher than having the right qualifications. While obtaining recognised qualifications and degrees for early childhood teaching is essential, to find the right fit Petit ELJ looks beyond the qualifications to the person:

1. Approved educational qualifications as recognised by ACECQA 

If you want a career as an Early Childhood Teacher, you will need to obtain a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education or equivalent. The NQF outlines the requirements for suitably qualified teachers in centre-based services providing care and learning to preschool age children or younger.

You should check with the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority to see if you qualify.

2. First aid qualifications

The health and safety of children is a high concern and priority in an early learning centre. You’ll need at least a current first aid certificate, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.

3. Government background checks

Government background checks such as a blue card or working with children check are standard legal requirements in industries where there is regular contact with children.

4. A passion for working with children

A genuine passion for working with children is a necessity in our industry. We hire people who show children come first, with the right to be recognised as people with valuable views and ideas.

5. Aligns with the centre’s values and beliefs

We’ve recently rearticulated our core values at Petit ELJ. Our selection process seeks Early Childhood Teachers whose true passion and views align with at least four or more of our beliefs.

6. Participates in professional development

If you participate in early childhood professional development, it shows that you are keeping up to date with our fast-changing industry, best practices and regulations.

7. Availability to work flexible hours

Parents need long daycare hours to meet the demands of commuting, careers and education. Long daycare centres can open as early as 6.30am (we do have centres that open at 6am & 7am as well) and close at 6.30 pm (6pm & 7pm as well), Monday to Friday.

Your availability to work flexible shifts between those hours will place you ahead of the competition.

8. Desire to work five days a week to provide children with consistency

Children need consistency. It helps them transition from the home environment to long daycare if they see familiar, friendly faces. Parents also enjoy the familiarity of seeing the same Educators. It creates trusting relationships and builds community.

9. Keen to develop early childhood teaching skills

Offering to volunteer your time to gain experience (and not just experience required for your qualification), shows us how interested you are to have a career and develop your skills as an Early Childhood Teacher.

An Early Childhood Teacher sits at a table with two children encouraging play-based learning

Qualifications for Early Childhood Teachers

To teach a kindergarten/preschool program, you will need at least a Bachelor in Early Childhood or ACECQA assessed equivalent.

We are also open to considering individuals studying towards their qualifications.

Benefits of Working as an Early Childhood Teacher at Petit ELJ

Petit ELJ offers an attractive incentive package to successful applicants for the role of an Early Childhood Teacher. Our package includes:

  • A bonus system based on key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Additional leave on top of the standard four weeks annual leave
  • Flexible hours over a five-day working week due to child and teacher ratios
  • Relocation costs for the right applicant.
  • Uniform supplied.

As well, we provide our Early Childhood Teachers with four hours of non-contact time a week. This is twice the amount required by the industry award. We also have regular professional development opportunities.

At Petit ELJ, we have a supportive management team who understands the need for work-life balance and personal and professional support. For permanent employees with their own children, we also offer childcare discounts.

Petit Early Learning Journey hosts a professional development seminar on early childhood teaching topics.

What Our Early Childhood Teachers Say

Petit Early Learning Journey – Elderslie located in New South Wales is our newest centre. Sarah Wagstaff, an Early Childhood Teacher, began working with us when it opened in January 2019. She teaches preschool-aged children.

Sarah describes her most enjoyable aspect of teaching preschool as the light-bulb moment. ‘You’re teaching the children something new, and you see the light bulb moment in their face when it clicks, and they get it.’

‘I was showing one of the children how to use a popsicle stick catapult. It launches a pom-pom and makes a fascinating STEM project.

As I observed her learning, I saw that moment when she got it. Then, four other children came over, and she began to excitedly teach them how to use the catapult, which parts to hold, how many sticks to stack up and how to measure how far the pom-pom shoots.

There are so many fun ways to teach maths, and it’s also fun to show parents how to teach maths at home and make it enjoyable.’

Sarah loves teaching and caring for children. Working with children and seeing them grow and develop is one of her favourite aspects of being an Early Childhood Teacher. She also enjoys working for Petit ELJ and feels privileged to belong to a dedicated team of Educators.

‘It’s an established company with lots of resources and the facilities are amazing. There are many early childhood centres, particularly in the city, that don’t have nature areas with real grass, trees and garden beds. We’re really fortunate to have that, and the children love it.’

Early Childhood Teacher, Sarah uses a class mascot to inspire children to learn maths

Join the Petit Early Learning Journey Family

At Petit ELJ, we hire passionate Early Childhood Teachers with teaching and childcare philosophies that align with our own. We do not just look at qualifications but at individuals who believe every child is capable, resourceful and a constructor of their knowledge.

Are you interested in joining our team as an Early Childhood Teacher? If you have the right qualifications, align with our values and beliefs and have a natural passion for caring for children as well as a love for life-long learning, then we want to hear from you.

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