The world of kids entertainment has changed. Today, children are more likely to jump on a tablet to watch a children’s program than access free-to-air kids TV. Did you know that children aged between 0-14 use an average of 3.1 digital devices to access video content?

With content readily available online, it’s no wonder YouTube channels are popular. But while the free YouTube Kids app filters out most inappropriate content, it doesn’t catch it all. We’ve chosen a list of ten kid-friendly YouTube channels that suit babies and preschoolers.

Tune into these YouTube channels for kids. They have hours of child-friendly entertainment with:

  • Kids songs
  • Cartoon videos
  • Children’s stories
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Educational videos

A toddler in a striped shirt searches his tablet for his favourite YouTube channels for kids.

1. Kids Channel

Kids Channel belongs to USP Studios. It produces content in more than 28 languages. USP’s goal is to educate while keeping children entertained. They want to encourage children’s curiosity to explore in a safe environment.

Kids Channel airs videos, nursery rhymes and songs for children. They use vibrant colours to stir children’s imaginations and nurture their minds. Their YouTube cartoon videos include:

  • Monster Truck Dan – stories about a fun, loving monster truck
  • Little Red Car Cartoons – Little Red Car loves singing nursery rhymes with his friends
  • Road Rangers -superhero street vehicles that fight crime and keep the streets safe
  • Pepee TV – educational videos about growing up for toddlers
  • Momo Beats – bright, colourful, music and cartoons

Views: Over 3.4 billion

Subscribers: 3.6 million

Preschooler and toddler sit on floor to watch YouTube cartoon videos

2. Kids TV 

Another favourite USP Studio’s Channel, Kids TV shows 2D and 3D colourful animation. Your toddler or preschooler will enjoy their simple storylines and vibrant illustrations. The channel aims to help young kids read and learn.

Watch catchy YouTube nursery rhymes and songs on Kids TV. They stimulate early learning of the alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes and more. You can travel back to your childhood and sing these timeless songs with your child (to name a few):

  • Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round
  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  • ABC Song
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • If You’re Happy And You Know It

Views: Over 5.8 billion

Subscribers: 10.4 million

Two toddlers play with a tablet while listening to YouTube nursery rhymes.

3. Super Simple Songs

Do your children love musical adventures in rhyme? Super Simple Songs combine cartoons, puppetry and live action with kids songs. Their idea for learning and teaching with songs began with a group of Tokyo teachers who recorded classic and new songs for children.

Eventually, they uploaded videos to YouTube for other teachers on how to use their songs. Then, they discovered kids were also watching them. Now, they have some of the most popular YouTube kids songs. They also encourage children to get up, dance and sing along too.

Original and classic songs include:

  • Five Little Ducks
  • Apples and Bananas
  • Pass the Beanbag

Views 11.4 billion

Subscribers: 12 million.

4. Peppa Pig

Free YouTube kids movies are a little hard to find. But, if you’re looking for stories for kids, the Peppa Pig official channel has you covered. Usually airing on ABC Kids, Peppa Pig is a favourite amongst children. Now, your child can watch it at any time on YouTube.

Peppa Pig captivates viewers with:

  • Strong female characters that appeals to both girls and boys
  • Challenging situations and relatable characters
  • Messages about sharing, family and kindness

Views 2.3 billion

Subscribers: 6.6 million

A toddler with Peppa Pig t-shirt sits on the floor. He plays with a toy musical instrument and inspired by YouTube kids stories.

5. The Wiggles Channel

Another favourite Australian kids channel, The Wiggles have enchanted children since 1991. You can watch their movies for a small fee on YouTube. They also have tons of free content on their channel.

Your child can sing and dance along with favourites like Dorothy The Dinosaur. A famous children’s entertainment group, they recently won their 13th Aria for Best Children’s Album.

The Wiggles Channel has:

  • Nursery Rhymes which are fun for learning and singing
  • Videos of live concert performances
  • Amazing animal videos
  • Ballet lessons with Emma for dance enthusiasts

Views 432 million

Subscribers: 308 thousand

A child sits at a table and plays with his tablet. YouTube channels includes popular YouTube kids music like The Wiggles.

6. Cocomelon

Cocomelon is all about keeping kids entertained while helping them to grow and learn. Their videos have 3D animation, educational lyrics and beats. They inspire children to jump and groove. Cocomelon’s videos help kids learn colours, animal sounds, numbers and letters.

Views: 14.9 billion

Subscribers: 28.6 million

7. Curious George Official

If your child can’t get enough of Curious George, there’s more to see on the official YouTube channel. The show promotes the themes of learning, forgiveness and playful curiosity. The English show updates their kids YouTube channel with full episodes every week.

Views: 202 million

Subscribers: 495 thousand

8. YouTube’s Sesame Street

Sesame Street is just one of those educational shows that never get old. It’s seen by millions of children worldwide every day. If your child needs a Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie or Oscar pick-me-up, watch Youtube’s Sesame Street’s channel.

Views: 5.6 billion

Subscribers: 4.4 million

A child hugs the Cookie Monster character on stage while other children wait their turn. Cookie Monster is one of many popular characters on Sesame Street Youtube.

9. Mother Goose Club

Children and parents worldwide love Mother Goose. It showcases some of the best award-winning nursery rhyme videos for early literacy. With fun, colourful characters like Jack B Nimble, Eep the Mouse, Little Bo Beep and Baa Baa Sheep.

Views:  6.1 billion

Subscribers: 4.9 million

10. Lift Off

If you want Australian content for kids on YouTube, try Lift Off. It’s aimed an older early childhood audience. Brought to you by Australian Children’s Television Foundation, it emphasises new experiences. It also encourages children’s curiosity and learning.

Views:  102 thousand

Subscribers: 414

A young male child uses a digital phone to access educational videos for kid.

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