40 Father’s Day Activities to Surprise Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner. To help you out, we've created a list of Father's Day activities and ideas that are sure to make any Dad happy. In addition, there are activities for every child's father figure and special person – whether they're into cooking, music, or games. Our list includes both indoor and outdoor [...]

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When Too Many Toys Squash Children’s Creativity

Does your child have too many toys? Do you find yourself tripping over playthings, standing on sharp trinkets or with no room left as plushies are bursting out the door? Then, your child's toys may be stifling their creativity. Some viewpoints propose children should have no or fewer toys. While you might object to this [...]

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Supporting Educator’s Goals in Child Care

It takes an exceptional person to work in early childhood education and care. At Petit Early Learning Journey, we're committed to supporting Educator's goals in an environment where they thrive and it provides them with the greatest satisfaction. Every ECEC service in Australia is required to regularly evaluate and develop individual performance plans under Quality Area 7.2.3. Individual [...]

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Building Community Connections for Families

When families engage with meaningful community connections, they feel a sense of belonging. In addition, building community connections for families creates strong support networks, promotes respect and brings children and their families together. Research shows that children who connect with their communities develop a strong sense of belonging and identity. When we support community connections [...]

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Teaching Preschoolers Conversational Skills: 8 Tips to Engage Your Child

How do you talk to preschoolers? Conversational skills don't come easy, even to adults. However, effective communication is a versatile life skill and teaching preschoolers conversational skills starts with you. Before we begin, let's place teaching outside the traditional classroom. Your child is bound to have more fun and success by learning through spontaneous everyday moments [...]

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Providing leadership in child care: The role of the Centre Director

The Centre Director in early childhood education and care is the leader of a child care service, but the role isn't all about being in charge. While you're responsible for the centre's daily operations, you're also accountable for nurturing and leading a professional learning community. At Petit Early Learning Journey, our child care Centre Director [...]

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NAIDOC Week Activities: Celebrating our First Nations Peoples

NAIDOC Week is a national celebration in Australia of the achievements and culture of First Nations peoples. NAIDOC Week is usually held in July. It invites everyone to embrace the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. There are many opportunities where families can acknowledge and celebrate Australia's Aboriginal and Torres [...]

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Baby’s First Solid Foods: 7 Nutritious and Tasty Meals

Baby's first solid foods are simple delights. This step may be a new learning process for you and your child, or you may be looking for some different baby food recipes. We've gathered seven of our favourite first foods for children that you can try cooking at home. Did you know that most babies begin [...]

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A Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

What does an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) do every day? At Petit Early Learning Journey, our valued ECTs do more than play and teach young children. While they do vital work with children, often in their final year before schooling, ECTs also play an integral leadership role. At Petit ELJ, our ECTs are allocated non [...]

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How Intentional Teaching Builds On Your Child’s Strengths

Intentional teaching is a term you may have heard regarding your child’s early childhood educational program. Sometimes, people confuse it with teaching by repetition, but that’s a misconception. The EYLF describes it as Educators being purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions. When an Educator uses intentional teaching practices, they’re taking an active role [...]

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