Promoting an Inclusive Practice in Childcare

An inclusive practice in childcare promotes and encourages ALL children to participate in education and care. As Educators, we support an inclusive practice across our entire program, so that it embraces the right of every child to be, to belong and become in a diverse world. Often our understanding of inclusion is limited to children [...]

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Hand Washing Songs: 10 Tunes to Keep Your Child Engaged

Hand washing songs can help young children practise important hygiene routines. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends washing hands regularly with soap and water. They estimate it should take about 20 to 30 seconds to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water which is about the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice. [...]

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13 Fun Physical Activities for Children at Home

Try these fun physical activities for children to keep them engaged and inspired to exercise. You can encourage your child to be active and healthy with these easy indoor and outdoor exercise activities that will improve their gross and fine motor skills Exercising has many benefits for children. It quickens their breath and heartbeat, strengthens [...]

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Calm, Cool and Collected: Mindful Meditations for Children

Mindful meditations for children focus a child's thoughts on a single idea or experience. They’re useful relaxation tools for families to practice at home. They encourage deep concentration, promote sensory experiences and help children to find meaning in everyday activities. There are many different ways to practise mindful meditations to help relax kids. The traditional [...]

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Pre-Writing Skills for Children

Do you have crayon or pencil marks on your walls? Children as young as 2 make marks on all sorts of things to express their feelings. Toddlers and preschoolers begin to develop pre-writing skills as they scribble, draw and imitate letters in an attempt to communicate. Pre-writing skills are part of the foundational literacy skills [...]

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Do the Impossible: Make Cleaning Fun for Children

Few people like cleaning. Fun isn't a word often associated with the household chores that we'd rather swap for something more pleasurable. How then are we to convince our children of the opposite? Can we do the impossible and make cleaning fun? Whether it's a spring clean, a weekly tidy-up or the effort to put [...]

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Tips for Expressing Milk at Work

Going back to work and still breastfeeding? Juggling the role of parent and employee doesn't have to be a nerve-racking experience. If your child is starting day care and you want to continue breastfeeding, our tips for expressing milk at work will ease your way. If you're finding it challenging to fulfil the role of [...]

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