Alison’s update

Alison Hill, COO

Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to our January 2023 Family Newsletter. My name is Alison Hill and below we have a special video message for all families, starting or continuing their child’s journey with us this year.

Our teams have now wrapped up our Summer Learning program boosting children’s confidence and social interactions as they prepare for new beginnings. Over the last few weeks, our teams have prepared for the new term by collaborating on fresh ideas, setting up inviting spaces and nurturing bonds and connections with the children and their families to promote smooth transitions between studios. We encourage all families to introduce themselves to their child’s new educators and to share with us your child’s ideas, thoughts and aspirations for the new year.

We have also said our goodbyes and celebrated the children and families who are leaving us for new learning experiences over the last few weeks. We wish all our families embarking on new adventures at primary school a warm farewell. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be part of your lives and for trusting us with the care and education of your child.

Please speak to your Centre Director if you have questions about your child’s journey with us in 2023. We are always here to help.

Welcome message for families

Notice to families: Services Australia’s 2023 news on changes to CCS

From July 2023, families earning under $530,000 will receive increased Child Care Subsidy. Your family’s income will determine your CCS percentage.

The income limit for the maximum CCS is changing. For example, if your family earns up to $80,000, you will get an increased maximum CCS amount from 85% to 90%.

You don’t need to do anything to get the increased rate if you already receive CCS. The changes will apply automatically.

From July 2023, families with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children will receive at least 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight. Families can get more subsidised hours based on their circumstances. You can read more about the activity test changes for First Nations families on the Department of Education website.

Need more information about CCS? Go to the Services Australia website. You can also connect with Services Australia on social media to ask general questions about family payments. Beware of fake social media pages and scams. Search for the Family Update page on Facebook.

Exceptional team member for January

Anna Lam, our Exceptional Team Member for January 2023 sits and interacts with three children within her studio at Petit ELJ Richmond.

Anna Lam from Petit Early Learning Journey Richmond

Congratulations to Anna Lam, Educator at Petit ELJ Richmond, for her selection as this month’s exceptional performer. Anna is a big part of the Petit ELJ Richmond community and has formed many meaningful relationships with our families and children. Since Anna completed her Diploma of Early Childhood Education, we have seen her knowledge and practices grow as she takes on more responsibilities for her role.

What do you like most about being an educator with Petit ELJ Richmond?

My time at Petit ELJ has been amazing. My centre has been so accepting of my culture especially right now as we celebrate the Lunar New Year festivities. I enjoy working with the children and families who are so welcoming and my collaborative team. I love receiving feedback from my peers and families. It brings me so much joy and makes me feel proud of my work ethic.

How did you come to work in early childhood education and care?

After finishing my studies for primary school, I wanted to broaden my teaching knowledge and decided to study more. Since enrolling in my Diploma for Early Childhood and finishing it at the end of 2022, it has taught me much. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Which parts of educating and caring for the children do you enjoy the most?

Providing care and educating the children brings me so much joy. The most joyful memory would be seeing the children learn new skills in front of me. It makes me feel so proud of them each day as they grow up.

What is your most memorable experience with Petit ELJ?

My most memorable experience at Petit ELJ would be dressing up for book week. I wore a ‘Bluey’ costume and the children loved it. Recently I have been decorating the centre with the Lunar New Year decorations and loving it. I was able to involve the children in the decorating aspect and engaged the whole centre in the spirit.

Celebrating our people: Awards of Excellence 2022

Three educators stand in the shad of a tree holding trophies and certificates. They are our Award of Excellence Winners at Petit ELJ Burdell 2 for 2022.

Awards of Excellence winners from Petit Early Learning Journey Burdell 2

At the end of every year our centres celebrate our people with the Awards of Excellence, where we enlist our families’ help to select the recipients for our Belonging, Being and Becoming awards.

The Belonging, Being and Becoming awards recognise educators for (1) Belonging – Creating collaborative partnerships (2) Being – Supporting and building meaningful relationships (3) Becoming – Consistency in quality care.

Our Most Improved award is chosen at the discretion of the Centre Director for an individual from across the centre who has consistently improved in their behaviour and/or skills in ensuring a high quality of care and service.

The Most Outstanding award recognises “above and beyond” dedication, follow-through, hard work, and extra effort. Team members nominate a peer for this award.

Congratulations to all our Awards of Excellence recipients for 2022.

List of Award of Excellence winners for all Petit ELJ centres in 2022.

Featured educational program

Music beat teacher sits and plays the guitar singing songs with a group of children sitting on the floor. and enjoying their extracurricular experience.

Petit Early Learning Journey Springfield Central describes the benefits of extracurricular experiences

Report from Laura Guacheta, Educational Leader, Petit ELJ Springfield Central

Over January, our educators have prepped their studios for the year ahead, setting up beautiful spaces to nurture the children’s needs and learning while creating an environment that encompasses a sense of belonging.

Petit Early Learning Journey builds on children’s interests by making available additional child-centred experiences. When our educators select new experiences, they start by partnering with families about children’s interests and ideas, and this includes extracurricular learning programs.

The benefits of extracurricular learning programs

Extracurricular experiences boost young children’s confidence, create a sense of belonging and identity, extend interests and learning, promote development and engage a child’s curiosity.

Sports, dance and movement programs embrace physical literacy. They give children the opportunity to develop balance, coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and the inspiration to lead healthier lives.

Athletic activities have traditionally been the focus of extracurricular participation. However, many young children also enjoy non-sporting activities like music, art and languages.

Extracurricular experiences also promote communication skills, emotional intelligence, understanding sounds and the meaning of words, an appreciation for music, language and culture, wellbeing, personal safety and self-care.

What we do at Petit Early Learning Journey Springfield Central

At Petit ELJ Springfield Central, we offer numerous additional programs, such as:

  1. Little Potters – When you see beyond the artwork you will recognize children who are able to use their creativity to experience the world around them.
  2. Music Beat – Our programs create a space where we get back to basics and nurture face-to-face interactions as we connect, sing, dance and move to music so that you feel confident to do so too.
  3. Sewing With Amber – Creating new interests where our children can explore their creativity and manual skills.

We welcome conversations with families about our curriculum and learning program and the extracurricular experiences available to your child.

Community connections

Parent sits holding a baby behind a table filled with family donations of nappies and clothes for Hearts of Purple in 2022.

Petit Early Learning Journey Pimpama supports Hearts of Purple

Report from Georgina Williams, Centre Director

Petit Early Learning Journey Pimpama has established connections with a local charity, Hearts of Purple. Last year we participated in a collection drive gathering items in high need, such as nappies, infant toiletries, infant clothes blankets and adult toiletries.

Our centre also participates in their ongoing Purple Bin program. Children and families can contribute their empty recyclable cans and bottles to our bin. Ten cents from every donated container goes towards Hearts of Purple fundraising.

Located on the Goldcoast, Hearts of Purple support domestic violence victims with support programs, including financial assistance, accommodation and food and domestic homewares assistance. Early last year they also offered their services to help people affected by the Queensland and northern New South Wales floods.

In November last year, Hearts of Purple purchased a block of land from funds raised through the Containers for Change scheme. The land will provide a refuge for survivors of domestic violence.

Recyclable bottles and cans continue to fill our purple bin at the centre. The program raises funds for people in need, while recycling helps reduce pollution and supports sustainability.

Because of our strong local community connection to Hearts of Purple, we are organising another collection drive in 2023.

You talk, we listen: Parent involvement in early childhood education

Parent and child smiling for camera capturing the parents involvement on Father's Day.

Parent involvement in a child’s early childhood education results in quality learning and care outcomes. It leads to better social, emotional and learning outcomes.

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Latest parent review

Petit Early Learning Journey Forest Hill

“One of the best and cleanest centres I’ve ever been in. The centre was bright and inviting and the children enjoyed it. The staff and families felt like family and it has an amazing centre manager that goes above and beyond for her families and staff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!”

– Aisha Ahmeds

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Our culture: Chef Showcase – Not Just a Cook

A Petit ELJ chef moves a wheelbarrow filled with dirt for a garden bed.

When most people think of early childhood education and care, it is of children playing and learning under the watchful eyes of educators. Our “Chef Showcase” highlights a significant contributor to children’s wellbeing and education within our centres, a role also referred to as the childcare cook.

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Experiences from around our services

A group of children wearing shades of red and holding decorations sit in front of a Chinese lettering wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year

Petit Early Learning Journey Kew celebrates the Lunar New Year

Children at Petit ELJ Kew welcomed the Lunar New Year with traditional food, songs, stories, handmade decorations and red envelopes.

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