Community Involvement

At Petit child care centres, we expand the circle wider.

We open our arms, hearts and minds to people and organisations in our community.

By getting involved, our children learn how to embrace new ideas, people and places.

And as educators and parents, we make a difference in the lives of others — and learn new things along the way.

Parent and family involvement

We always welcome parents and families to get involved with us!

If you’re interested in participating or helping with any of our events, contact your centre director today.

Our range of initiatives

Across our child care centres, we have many connections and initiatives with local organisations.

We also host several events and educational sessions at our centres.

Some of our initiatives, events and organisations are listed below.

Petit centre events Community events Educational partnerships Public service, health, & our environment
Information evening: getting to know the Educators NQLD baby markets Connection with the University of Melbourne Fire Marshall and Rural Fire service incursions
Petit centre markets & open day Pink ribbon charity fair Marian market events Grandparents’ Day planting trees in yard
Hosting “Angus Reid Appeal Day” in support of a child attending the centre with a illness Little Sports Heros Marian twilight markets Excursions to Melba House’s community house
Japanese children’s day Excursions to local community shops with baked goods Behaviour management evening with Peter Melrose Dental health care incursion: talking about Dental hygiene
How to be safe around dogs session Collect toys and clothes to support charities like Ronald McDonald House Excursions to local schools to support prep orientation Ear, nose and throat incursion: how to keep our nose, ears heathy
Mothers and Father’s day celebrations Raising funds for Relay for Life events Steve McEwan Reptile world – supporting children’s knowledge of reptiles and how to ensure their safety if they see snake Collect recycle toner cartridges for Planet Ark
Easter Hat and Christmas concert Donating blood through the Australian Red Cross Partnership with the Telopia Primary School Walks with the preschool studio around local area, exploring and discovering the National Capital
Teach the children about our indigenous language Raising funds and participating in the Day for Daniel AFP Cyber Security Parent Information Night Partnership with local SES departments
1st birthdays celebration event Participating in Jeans for Genes day Parent and Chalk Direct (where funds go back into the centres from purchases) National tree day: involving families in sharing plants, planting plants
Bop Along Music Donating books, toys and gifts to the Smith Family Charity Local school events at Unity College Children’s Handbooks created for distribution to doctors, cafés, etc.
Animals on the Move incursion Raising funds for The Cancer Council Sponsorship of Unity Soccer and Unity Netbal Donating to Lifeline

To get involved with any of the above events or organisations, contact your Centre Director today.

We would love your help!

A positive presence

We believe in having a positive presence in our community and in Australia at large.

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