Petit Employee Referral Program

Petit Employee Referral Program
You promote. We reward.

We’re looking for more great Employees like you!

Have you heard we are rewarding Petit Employees? All you need to do is recommend a career at Petit ELJ to a friend or colleague and remind them to name you as the referral source on their application form. Once they do make sure you fill in this referral form and submit!!

    a) Communication by the Petit Referring Employee of the referral can occur prior to the candidate successfully securing the role ie. at the time of their application or at any time up to one month from commencement date.

    b) If the candidate does not note the referral on the application form and the Petit Referring Employee makes contact outside of this time period no referral amount will be paid.

    c) Petit Referred Employee and Referred Candidate must have a current contract at payment date.

    d) See Employee Referral Bonus Policy for full details.