Babies (Birth to 2 years)

From the very beginning babies are active learners through engaging with new sights, sounds, touch, and movement. Through interaction and care from familiar adults they develop a sense of self, and explore the world around them.

We provide a safe, warm and responsive environment to allow your baby to build confidence and feel secure and loved.

Your baby’s educators are skilled in education and care practices, and follow the principles and practices outlined in the national curriculum for children birth to five years – the Early Years Learning Framework.

What makes Petit different?

In addition to a strong curriculum for children birth to 2 years, we offer the following:

  • New, clean, purpose-built centres
  • Indoor and outdoor playscapes and learning environments
  • High quality, highly trained educators
  • Menus designed in association with child nutritionist – all meals prepared fresh on-site
  • Inclusion of nappies, wipes, sunscreen, sunhat, linen (linen provided at certain Centres)
  • Storypark app for documenting and communicating important moments and milestones
  • Secure PIN entry to the building
  • Natural elements – we shy away from plastic

Individual journey portfolios

We provide each child with an exceptional and individualised learning experience.

We also document this journey and share it with you.

Through maintaining individual journey portfolios for each child, we give families an opportunity to share and discuss the elements of their child’s day and education.

Educators also use the portfolios as a learning tool for the child to revisit their play and learning experiences through the year.

What’s in a portfolio?

Compiled by the studio’s educators, the portfolio contains a collection of:

  • Observation records
  • Group project
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Notes

Further questions?

If you have additional inquiries, be sure to check out our FAQ page or contact us directly today.