Are you looking for handy DIY projects to do with your kids? These do-it-yourself ideas create useful items to have around the home. They also provide your kids with a fun activity. Your child can either help you finish the project or reap the benefits.

We’ve selected 7 easy DIY projects which are sure to add some fun and colour around your home. These Dad DIY projects will:

  • Create fun activities for your children
  • Encourage creativity
  • Get you and your kids off the couch and moving
  • Make practical items and gifts
  • Recycle old things from around the house
  • Promote family time

Preschooler uses a tape measure on shelves to help Dad with his DIY Projects.

1. Do-it-yourself birdhouse

A birdhouse is the perfect do-it-yourself project for you and your child. Aside from making a practical house for a bird, it also encourages more wildlife to be present around your home. Who doesn’t enjoy the beautiful songs from our native birds?

Birds are also good for the garden. Like bees, they help with pollination and keep grubs and bugs under control. For this DIY project, you’ll need to consider:

  • Where to secure your birdhouse once it’s made
  • The type of native birdhouse you want to create
  • Whether you’ll use recycled wood or other materials
  • How your child can help you make it
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining it

How much your child helps you will depend on their age. Some children will want to be your assistant and hold your tools. For early learners, a toy tool set may promote a sense of helping while also providing a new experience.

Once the box is built, you can pass the birdhouse onto your child for the most essential part of this DIY job. Painting the birdhouse. Now they can let loose their creativity.

Child helps Dad build a do-it-yourself birdhouse on an outdoor table.

2. A DIY garden idea with colourful mushrooms

If you’ve got some spare flower pots lying about in the shed this DIY project will transform them. You can use terracotta or plastic. They just need a saucer. DIY garden ideas can help you build the garden of your dreams. It can also give you quality time with your family.

These flower pots get turned upside down with their saucers glued to the bottom. For terracotta pots, you may want to use a little cement as the bonding agent. Once the adhesive dries, you’re free to paint these colourful mushrooms. Don’t forget to ask your early learner for help.

Many other DIY garden ideas also recycle, keep costs down and spread the fun. Like:

  • Hopscotch game made out of painted pavers
  • Colourful tyre planters
  • DIY sandpit using a baby wading pool
  • Painted old keys windchime

And you can also use your old terracotta flower pots to make a bird bath. Invert the turned down saucer on the mushroom, so it acts as a bowl.

A DIY garden idea turns a dozen or more old terracotta pots into colourful mushrooms.

3. Kids shape blocks

Buying kids’ shape blocks can leave a pretty hole in your pocket. If you’ve got some wood lying about in your workshop, put it to good use by making your kids building blocks. Seek out your local community for wood if you don’t want to buy it. Blocks make creative toys for children.

Your child can also paint the blocks, though you want to use non-toxic water-based paint. Watching your child play with the blocks you made is the best part of this DIY project. When making the blocks, cut as many different shapes. Create a collection of:

  • Squares
  • Rectangles
  • Triangles
  • Cylinders or circles
  • Bridge shaped blocks

Building blocks help a child develop their cognitive skills. They’ll use them to sort and categorise the blocks by size, shape and colour. It may seem like a simple process to us, but for a child, this fun DIY toy project ignites the building blocks for mathematics.

Child holds pink play block and reaches for a blue triangular play block.

4. DIY Xmas decorations

DIY Christmas decorations are another money saver. Instead of spending your money on expensive baubles, why not create your own tree decorations? These simple DIY craft ideas are an activity for the whole family to enjoy.

Use a jigsaw to cut out Christmas shapes. Glue some twine to the back and loop it around to make it easier to hang these DIY decorations on a tree. If you don’t have string, glue a wooden peg to the back. Decorative shapes to try include:

  • Xmas trees
  • Trucks
  • Stars
  • Crescent moons
  • Circles
  • Squares
  • Rectangles

Turn the squares and rectangles into present decorations with some colourful paint. The circles make great shapes for painted family names. And, they’re useful for tagging presents too.

Child’s hand reaches out to play with three DIY Xmas decoration, a tree, truck and star.

5. Build a DIY home project coat rack

This DIY idea is a real space saver. This do it yourself project will help you keep your house clean. To build it you’ll need:

  • About 6 coat hooks
  • Twice as many screws plus another two
  • A long narrow piece of wood
  • Varnish or paint
  • An electric screwdriver
  • Help from your curious toddler or preschooler

First, varnish or paint the wood. Why not ask your young apprentice to give you a hand? Then after the paint dries, measure the intervals for the hooks. Screw the hooks onto the wood. Then with the two remaining screws fasten it to your chosen wall.

You may want to build a few coat racks. They’re very handy. You could place one near the front door for coats and hats. One in the kid’s room for hanging bags, paint smocks and dress up clothes. And let’s not forget one for the tool shed either.

A wooden DIY home project coat rack with six hooks hangs on the wall. It holds a couple of pieces of clothing and has a colourful clock on the background.

6. A tyre swing is our final dad DIY project

For over a hundred years, children have enjoyed the fruits of this DIY Project. It requires no wood cutting, but still recycles and it can save you money. A tyre swing is lots of fun for kids, big and small. But you need to make sure your tyre swing and tree branch are safe and secure.

One of the important parts of this do-it-yourself project is choosing the right knots. You want your knots to hold, but you also want them to reduce friction. Do your planning. Research your knots first before you sling the rope up and over the tree.

  • Use an old sturdy tyre that’s not too heavy
  • Give it a good clean so there’s no nasty surprises
  • Drill holes in the base to the drainage of waters
  • Let your child paint it for an additional experience
  • Do a safety check on the rope, knots and tyre regularly

A young female child stands on a grassy hill and readies herself to enjoy a Dad DIY project of a tyre swing.

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