Shopping for your newborn can make you dizzy. It is a challenge to know what to buy and if you really need it, especially in the lead up to that big day. There are so many adorable things available but our essentials guide to baby stuff will keep you focused on what your baby needs.

You can use our guide to help you get organised or give it to family and friends who want to shower you with cute, but not so practical, baby accessories. Tell them what you need. No one wants to clutter their garage with barely used newborn baby things.

Plus our list of newborn baby stuff prepares you for that big first day and a few unexpected surprises. Our essential guide covers:

  • Baby things for their birth.
  • Baby accessories for the nursery.
  • Baby items for the house.
  • Newborn baby stuff for the car.

Petit Early Learning Journey Educator offers a baby a bottle, one of the many essential baby stuff items for newborns.

Baby things for your child’s birth

What you have with you for your child’s birth will be determined by how you’re giving birth. If you’re like most mums preferring to give birth in a hospital, your hospital or antenatal classes may provide you with a list of baby things to bring with you when it’s time to give birth.

For mums who give birth unexpectedly, at home or on the way to the hospital, your baby list might have an extra item or two. As it’s a bit hard to know in advance if you will fall into this category, it is much easier to pack your bags early and be prepared for the unexpected.

So, what do you need?

  • A small, comfy beanie to cover your child’s head and keep it warm.
  • Five warm outfits: onesies are perfect for cold hospitals.
  • Five singlets.
  • Five blankets for even more snuggly warmth.
  • A large packet of baby wipes.
  • Nappies. Most hospitals require disposable over cloth nappies.

The list above contains the bare necessities of what you need to bring to the hospital for your baby. Knowing the size of your baby’s first outfits and singlets can be challenging. Newborns are usually 0000 (3kg) or 000 (6kg) for the slightly bigger baby.

To reduce stress and prepare for an unexpected delivery, keep a couple of towels handy at home and also in the car. These are to wrap around and keep your baby warm while on the way to the hospital.

Depending on the length of stay and your breastfeeding plans, you may also want to pack a baby bottle and a breast pump too. Like towels, this prepares you for rare occurrences where a baby has difficulty latching (such as a tongue-tie).

Essential baby things like newborn jumpsuits and booties.

Baby accessories for the nursery

The nursery is one of those rooms where new parents go crazy with baby accessories, particularly in the lead up to the birth. But there is a tendency for some new parents to go overboard and end up with just a little too much baby stuff.

In the first few weeks, you can afford to have a baby room that just contains the bare essentials. It’s unlikely your child will begin crawling, standing or walking for months. Most likely, they will just lie wherever you put them, so go for fewer things rather than more.

Here’s our essential list of newborn baby accessories for the nursery:

  • A baby cot, or bassinet if preferred.
  • A baby change table.
  • Change mat.
  • A drawer for storing your baby’s clothes and other baby things.
  • Your newborn’s clothes such as singlets, stretchy jumpsuits, tops, cardigan (for winter), socks and muslin wraps.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Cotton wool.
  • Baby nappies.
  • Cot or bassinet bedding.
  • Baby oil and other unscented and natural toiletries.
  • Hairbrush for when there’s enough to comb.
  • Nail clippers and small pair of manicure scissors.
  • Face cloths.
  • Towels.
  • A small personal bin.

Though not essential, you may want to include these items on your list:

  • A baby monitor for checking in on their breathing and sleeping.
  • A night light.
  • Furry friends, though keep them out of the cot.
  • A mobile, although sometimes bare is best, as some mobiles are potential choking hazards.

Teddy bear sits on a cot behind a change table with baby accessories.

Newborn baby items for the house

One way to work out what newborn baby items you need for the rest of the house is to consider each room with your baby’s activities, safety and health in mind. Target those areas now to reduce stress later.

Baby safety

While it will be some months before your newborn baby is crawling and walking, investing in their safety now minimises the possibility of accidents:

  • Child safety plugs for exposed outlets.
  • Child safety cabinet latches to stop them from getting into cupboards.
  • Child safety gates to limit their curiosity to safe areas of the house.
  • Child door locks to prevent children from accessing restricted areas.


  • Baby bath.
  • Face towels, for gentle washes.
  • Small towels, for wrapping your baby in and keeping them warm.
  • Cotton wool, useful for dabbing the face clean.
  • Baby shampoo for when their hair starts to grow.
  • A digital stick thermometer for accurate readings of your babies temperature.
  • First aid kit to prepare for accidents.

Lounge/Family/Dining Room

  • Baby mat for tummy time.
  • Bibs for when you newborn starts solids.
  • Picture books for reading as it’s never too early to start reading to your child.
  • Feeding pillow to make both you and baby comfortable.
  • Face cloths and hand towels are handy in any room, especially when burping bub.
  • Bouncer or bassinet for baby to rest in.
  • Pram for walks around the neighbourhood.

A comfortable mat is also a welcome addition to the family lounge room. As your baby grows it will be perfect for playtime and falling asleep on too.

Childhood Educator laughing with a young child playing on a mat, a useful newborn baby item for the house.

Newborn baby stuff for the car

Baby car seats often get installed incorrectly, so before your baby is born, get your baby capsule installed professionally. And familiarise yourself with how to adjust the straps and use the seat.

Other newborn baby stuff for the car:

  • Baby capsule/baby seat set up accordingly for newborns.
  • Pram/stroller so you don’t have to carry your baby everywhere.
  • Nappy bag with spare clothes, a towel, nappies and baby wipes.
  • Spare hat for those times when you forget to plan.
  • Blanket in case the air conditioning gets a little too cold.
  • Shade so your baby doesn’t have to sit with the sun in their face.
  • Stroller rain cover for rainy days.

You may also want to carry: baby bottles, formula, breast pads, pump and milk storage bags depending on whether you’re breast or bottle feeding. It also pays to pack a spare pair of clothes for yourself in the car. Burping and nappy changes don’t always go to plan.

Baby plays on a mat ready to do more with newborn baby stuff.

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